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Information or bookings +61 2 9387 5627


Welcome to this website of hernia information. While all attempts have been made to ensure accuracy of information, the Sydney Hernia Centre and Melbourne Hernia Clinic do not accept any liability for the use or application of this information.

Hernias are a common problem affecting all ages and both sexes. They can usually be readily diagnosed by a qualified medical practitioner. A lump should be usually apparent and there may or may not be discomfort. Sometimes the diagnosis is not apparent and other serious conditions can be mistaken for a hernia.

A specialist in the field is best qualified to differentiate the problems and this can only be done after taking a history and carrying out the relevant examination. In addition, the degree of urgency requires a careful evaluation.

Should you contact the Sydney Hernia Centre by email, please allow a 2-3 working day for a reply. If a reply is not forthcoming within that period please telephone +61 2 9387 5627.

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